Door wth Jesus Loves Detroit logo stickerMoney is the subject no one wants to hear about. Especially from a church! People think most churches just want their money and don't care about anything else. As a Pastor, I hear this all the time. If this is your attitude, I encourage you to get more involved in your church, so it's not them, but you. If this doesn't work, find another church that fits your family, get involved and help determine where your money goes. You are never going to donate to a cause you don't believe in.

God and Jesus discussed giving and the tithe. Tithe is the first 10% of your money. It was first instituted to the 11 Tribes to donate and support the 12th tribe of Levites, who were the temple priests. This enabled them to operate the church, without having to work additional jobs. People donate to churches in America, an average of 2% of their income. Bible believing, church going, heaven bound folks think 2% is o.k.? Most Pastors, teachers, and staff are grossly underpaid. Sure there are rich pastors who irritate us on the news, but that's an extreme minority. Secular giving is 1/2 as much which is 1% of their income. People ask if they should tithe on gross, or net pay? It really doesn't matter, because you are not going to do either, so the point is moot.

Folks quote the bible all the time saying ( Money is the root of all evil). This is incorrect. The bible says ( The LOVE of money is the root of all evil). But Jesus also said (It's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich guy to get into heaven).

Window with a cross and view of outdoor eventMoney is neither bad or good. It can be used to do bad or used to do good! Folks often say about people, that the money made them bad. I personally don't think money changes anybody. I believe it just amplifies who they really are, that might not have been so noticeable before. Bad folks will do bad things if they get rich. Good folks will do good things if they get rich.

By the way, it's all God's money and he allows you to have some of it. I know most of you work very hard for it, and put up with situations you wish you didn't have to. God doesn't need one penny of our money! It's His way to gauge our heart attitude. Yes, he already knows our heart attitude, but our giving reveals it to others, and most importantly, reveals it to ourselves!

 We actually want you to pray for us, more than we want you to volunteer, or even more than your giving money to us. But really pray for us!

We believe you should give to the local church you attend. There are also many great Christians schools, musicians, magazines, movies, shelters, missionary's, soup kitchens etc. Also, many secular organizations that truly help folks. 

 We do want you to donate to Jesus Loves Detroit Church, to help us to keep feeding one soul at a time, and to keep it all going. Ask God himself if you should give us money. It's between you and him. No matter the amount we sincerely THANK YOU for your generosity.

God's Not Dead painted on a fencecWe think everyone would benefit from volunteering at a feast. Especially if you are at a level financially that you can donate a month of feasts. or a year of Feast's, or more. If you are a celebrity, or well-recognized person, who wishes to remain unknown, we can help with that, With wardrobe and makeup no one will know who you are. You might have previously served at a soup kitchen for a couple hours on a holiday. That is admirable, but these Feast's are the real thing! When's the last time you were incognito at a party? You just won't believe how much fun, you are going to have!

I was in business almost every day of my adult life and found it very exciting. We have over 30 Business plans, ready to launch. We believe we can put hundreds, if not thousands of these neighborhood guest's to work, and be a profitable company. This church could be self-sustainable. Jobs can change their level of living, and the church can change their life! Is Jesus Loves Detroit Church going to end poverty or homelessness? Probably not, but we are going to put a big dent into it, in our neighborhood, and pray you do the same, in your neighborhood.

For more information on this, visit our Business page.

Friends & Vendor List

  • 2 Dogs Farms
  • American Produce
  • Kaps Meats
  • Kroger
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