Food is a very simple item, and also, an incredible complex item. Sitting down with folks and breaking bread with them, is a magical experience. You get to know folks better, when you share a meal with them. There is a bond that happens, that might just last, past the meal, and maybe for a lifetime!

Our body's were designed by our creator, to work optimally, on certain foods, that best fuel our body's, and best fuel our minds. We are animals ourselves, even if we are at the top of the food chain. Most of us would be classified as fat, lazy, and out of shape animals. Pet foods have higher standards sometimes than human food. Greed, ingenuity, convenience, ever changing technology, politics, and more greed, have altered our food landscape for ever.

Metro Detroit in Michigan, in the United States of America, is where I live, and am most familiar with this area's, food landscape. I have eaten at the finest restaurants in North America,, and specifically Detroit, Flint, and Ann Arbor. I have also eaten in the fields of Detroit, on the river in Flint, church basements in Farmington Hills, the back alleys of Ann Arbor, and the shelters in these communities.  Dining with homeless folks, at their place of choosing, is a memorable meal. I have eaten in soup kitchen shelters around the United States. Your state, your city, has a neighborhood that is the hood. I like going there and meeting the folks, and eating what they eat, and seeing where they live. From Vancouver Island, and the Pacific North West , to Key West, to Boston under the freeways, to the 9th ward in New Orleans, to South Chicago, to Downtown Nashville, to Burrito Dome on Pine Ridge Reservation, and to San Diego's, and Bakersfield's  depressed area's.

A caucasian male and female grilling meatBeing in the Restaurant/Food business for fifty years, and 40 years of feeding homeless folks , have given me a unique perspective on how we treat food. I firmly believe there is plenty of real food on this planet to feed everyone! No Woman, Man, or Child should go to bed hungry anywhere on earth! We just keep messing it up. Money always has its role. But many times I have seen the poorest folks, eating the best meals, while wealthy folks are eating junk, mostly in a hurry, or on the go.

I grew up with immigrant great grandparents, on both of my parents sides, who brought with them to America, the skills of growing, and cooking, delicious organic food. All the men in these families cooked, so it was natural to learn from my mom, and gramma's, as it was to learn from my dad, and grampa's. My brothers all cook, and all three of my sons are excellent cooks. My family, and my extended family, has always been in the Restaurant, Grocery, Catering, and Farming business. From Marble Falls, Texas, to Highland Park, Michigan, to Novi, Michigan, to Iron Belt, Wisconsin. Having 25 guest's for Sunday Dinner, was just another Sunday in our home.

We will discuss many aspects of food, on this page, and on our blogs. Everyone eats, so everyone has an opinion. Education about Farming, Harvesting, Storing, and Cooking are life changing issues. Intelligent Shopping, and Cooking, can save your life!

Beets on a grillSome of the other issues we will cover are:

  • Real Food------------Manufactured Food
  • Processed Food------Fresh, Frozen, Dried, canned, boxed, smoked, brined, dried foods.
  • Food Accessibility----Food Deserts
  • Food Insecurity------Farms
  • CAFO's---------------Food Stamps
  • Agriculture Bills-----Restaurants
  • Food Delivery-------Home Delivery
  • Nutrition-------------Public Schools
  • Prisons---------------Soup Kitchens
  • Cooking--------------Children
  • Senior Citizens------Farmers Markets
  • Whole Foods--------Monsanto
  • Farm Workers------Food Workers
  • Food Magazines----Kids Programs
  • Cook Books---------Communal Kitchens
  • Hobby Kitchens-----Home Kitchens
  • Out Door Cooking--Food Storage
  • Food Transportation-Local Farms
  • Natural--------------Organic
  • Organics-------------Governments
  • Food Standards-----Health Departments
  • Fair Wage-----------Fair Profits
  • Sustainable---------Loco Local
  • Our Feast's---------Biblical Feast's
  • Vegetarians---------Vegans

...and, many, many more!

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