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Your support and either a one time or monthly contribution is EXTREMELY appreciated and taken very seriously. Jesus Loves Detroit Church is a 501c3 nonprofit charitable organization, which makes your giving tax-deductible in the United States of America.

We acknowledge we are just one, of hundreds of country's, so please refer to your country's tax policy's.  Your support and contributions enable us to Feed, Clothe, and Shelter, Detroit's most vulnerable, children, women, and men.

Our Feasts are big church party's that bring cheer to our neighborhood guests', and shows in action, that someone does care for them, and also loves them. You can read more about this on our FAQ page.

  • Donate a meal for one guest /  $17.00
  • Donate a table for 10 guests /  $170.00
  • Donate a Feast for 300 guests /  $5,100.00
  • Donate a month of Feasts /  $21,930.00
  • Donate a year of Feasts /  $265,200.00

The bible has a story told by Jesus, about people giving money to the church. Rich guys were putting in large amounts of money but making a big show about it. Then an old lady put in 2 Cents, all she had, as she was all in. Jesus complimented her as the true giver. We have a donation tube at our feasts, and it usually has no money in it when we are done. One Sunday there was $60.60.

I was overjoyed that someone had put in 60 Cents, and immediately Jesus story came to mind. No matter what amount you donate, we sincerely appreciate your effort and generosity. Its all about our heart attitude when we give.

To make a donation via check, please make out to "Jesus Loves Detroit Church" and mail to Jesus Loves Detroit Church, Suite 188, 440 Burroughs St., Detroit, MI 48202

Wants & Needs

  • Jesus Loves Detroit Church desires a central building/campus to be the nucleus of all the many activities of our church.
  • Worshiping God
  • Feeding Homeless Folks in our Cafe
  • Getting Children safe- before school, during school, and after school
  • Emergency Shelter for Homeless
  • Connecting Homeless with many agency's and governments that can help them
  • Incubating the business's of Homeless Entrepreneur's
  • Transitional Housing
  • Giving folks a hand up, as Jesus himself would be glad to do

Along with a building, we could really make great use of a couple of vehicles.

  • Wheelchair Van
  • 15 Passenger Van
  • 60 Seater School bus.
  • 2 Four Wheel Drive Pickup trucks with plows
  • Used Stretch Limousine

We have narrowed our Real Estate research into three separate properties. One appears to be a Holy Ghost Hookup because it fits so many of our needs. There are two others that need work, and have some potential, but are in need of extensive construction. We could operate out of all three, but to no surprise, the nicest is the most expensive.

  1. The Denby Center at 20775 Pembroke (Multi-List #767628)  in northwest Detroit is our top pick! It was built in 1931, as an orphanage, erected by the citizens of Detroit. They did this in honor of Edwin Denby, A great citizen, and lover of children. It has 7 buildings on a couple of acres in a residential neighborhood, that could use our help. The Salvation Army was the last entity here. This is a special place.
  2.  1951 Webb Street (Multi-List #218086378) - A stone church that has been gutted, and asbestos removed. It has a new roof, and a good amount of land, and parking. Approximately 50,00 Square feet, In a residential neighborhood.
  3. 36 E. State Fair Street (Multi-List #21487377) - A stone church that needs help. No land, and no parking. Approximately 50,000 Square feet, in a residential neighborhood.


Webb street church and State Fair church are listed at$300.00.00

The Denby Center was last listed for $3,000,00.00

Along with repairs and furnishing of the churches, on top of the principal, it comes to a lot of money.

We are asking for $, yes that's correct, Seven Million Dollars to fund this church. We believe we can make the church self-sustainable from the revenue from our Homeless Businesses. We would not have to depend solely on donations to fund the church's work every week. This is God's church, and he will hand select which building is best, perhaps none of these, and He will determine how it will be paid for. We are asking you, to ask yourself, if this is something you believe in, and in turn will you donate, and support our work, of giving the homeless a hand up?! We are asking for your generous donation of any amount, and we all promise to use these funds, wisely, frugally, and biblically! Please contact us for more in-depth conversation, and planning, on all our church activities. May God bless us all! Kevin Pelto

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