Detroit Building God Bless DetroitOur vision is to employ homeless, and other neighborhood folks, in meaningful work, at a pace that works for everyone and is profitable. We have over 30 small business plans, that we can operate and manage by biblical standards. We can make the church self-sustainable.  Some of these businesses have modest start-up cost's, while others are more involved. Everyone, including the homeless, has gifts, and skills. These can be matched up, with all of our ideas. Jesus with his carpentry family would fit in well.

We believe the church building should be a 24 hour open center. This is spiritually, and business. A central church building would be the base of operations for everyone. With our church building being open 24 hours a day, this could be accomplished with a central office. Most churches are open only hours a week. We would take full advantage of these dormant resources. See our Donate page for specifics.

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