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Hi Folks, it has been almost a year that Covid 19, has upended the world, and Jesus Loves Detroit. Our last large feast for homeless folks, was January, 2020. Since then we have concentrated on helping individuals, and families. Like the rest of the world, especially Michigan, and especially Detroit, we all had to take measures, to protect our lives, while still desiring to help others, with their lives!

At the end of 2019, we staged a Homeless Protest in downtown Detroit. For 15 days in December, leading up to Christmas, myself, and Dennis Davis, camped out in a vacant field in Detroit. On the NW corner of Martin Luther King, and Third Street, we set up our 25' tall Tipi, and lived outside like we were homeless. Our purpose was to draw attention to the absurdity of homelessness, lack of jobs, and hunger. We then put on a homeless feast in Farmington Hills in January. In February we put together a road show, and Feast, with a powerpoint demonstration, that we hoped to take on the road for churches, and other organizations, to raise awareness, and funds, to combat hunger, and homelessness. Our inaugural event was February 28, at Mack Ave Church, hosting MACC Developement's mission director, Charles John, and a visiting student mission team from Cornerstone University. It went very well, then the government restrictions started, and continue to this day. We never got another chance to present our program, and drastically changed how we help others, less fortunate.

For the last year, we have cooked, delivered, and fed, individuals and families. Along with our usual help of transportation, medical, legal, and housing. We do the same help, just on a smaller, and more frequent scale. We will continue this model, until it is safe to resume large gatherings. We await, like yourselves, advice from medical experts, and guidance from our local, and national governments.

We encourage you to read our Calendar page for updates, and to read our 2020 Year in Review. We have a hard time as you, scheduling anything into the future. If you have other questions or concerns, please reference the Contact page, and we will be glad to converse with you.

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