People eating at an event in DetroitJesus Loves Detroit Church, is a different kind of church, A church who takes the Bible seriously! We believe we are so very important, and that we have such, very important actions to do, that Jesus thought it was worth dying for!

A biblical church is so different than most churches today, especially in America. JLD church strives to be a church that God would approve of, Jesus would enjoy it so much, he would walk 50 miles to attend, and God's own Holy Spirit would flow through all our hearts.

A church is not a building. The church is all people past, present, and future, who believe Jesus is their Savior, and their life reflects that.

All churches have an outreach ministry department. JLD church is the outreach. We reach out to folks in need. Spiritual, Friendship, Food, Medical, Financial, Clothing, Overnight-Short Term-Long Term Housing, Transportation, Home Repairs, Education, and Employment. The fact of the matter is, most of us need help in some area and are not getting it. When we start helping each other, everybody gets blessed, and it perpetuates itself. Its how God designed our planet to work. We just need to do our part!

african american man cooking chicken on the grillFeasts are our largest public outreaches. This is what we call church. We put on a Jesus Party for street folks with great food, music, message, laughing, crying, and praying. We purchase, prepare, cook, and serve local, nutritional, gourmet, fresh food for over 300 neighborhood folks from nearby shelters, apartments, motels, vehicles, abandoned houses, bushes, and the street. Men, women, and children are treated as our guest's, and we prepare as Jesus is coming too. Tents, linen-covered tables, and comfortable chairs, flowered centerpieces, waiters and waitresses, custom food cooked over charcoal and wood fires. Food and drinks with a four-tiered cake for dessert. We pack food to take home with them, along with fresh produce and fruit. We do this in empty fields in Detroit, Michigan, USA. We encourage you to donate and sign up to volunteer to be a part of this. It will probably be the most fun you have ever had in church! I dare you! If you are famous and would like to attend anonymously, we can help with that. You will not believe how much fun you will have!

Detroit is our primary location, but we have fed many homeless folks in Farmington Hills, Ann Arbor, and Flint. Our short-term goal for feeding in Detroit is monthly, and then weekly, and long-term is daily. Sunday is Feast Day, Appetizers and Drinks, Salads, Soups, and Chili's. Of course, there is much work before, and after catering a party, for 300 people.

Jesus Loves Detroit event TrailerWe own a high-end catering company with kitchens, trucks, trailers, tents, and equipment for only one special client. Street Folks are our friends and clients. Volunteers are chefs, cooks, restaurant folks, truck drivers, nurses, students, teachers, business owners, hair stylist, tradespeople, detailers, factory workers, lawyers, and street folks themselves. There is so much love and caring during these feast's, you just have to experience it for yourself.

The reason we do this is that we are explicitly told do this by Jesus himself. When asked what were the most important, of the 10 Commandments, he answered, Love God above everything else, and Love your fellow human, better than yourself. If you do that, you will accomplish the rest. To help do this, we say read your bible. If you need one, contact us. Read the new testament, read Mathew, read chapter 25. We did. We can't live our lives in the same old way, after reading that. Your Family's church is right around the corner, start attending regularly, and get involved. These Feast's are truly the most fun I can have on earth.

Jesus loves Detroit event set upJLD Church has ministry in other areas as well. When you spend time with folks, you develop relationships, you get to know them, and you get to know their needs better. We have helped folks in programs for transportation, clothing, medical assistance, home repairs, vehicle repairs, emergency food, emergency hospitalization, emergency shelter, short time housing, longtime housing, kids back to school, Real Estate, and navigating the local, county, state, and federal government. When you show the love of Jesus in action, especially if done consistently, it really grabs peoples attention. They can see that you are different.

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